Seattle Region Partnership

The Seattle Region Partnership is a multi-sector initiative founded by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Seattle Foundation, City of Seattle, and King County. Established in 2016, SRP was created to streamline the way that business connects to the region’s workforce, economic, and education systems, providing local residents access to middle-wage careers. SRP serves a critical function of ensuring our partners are connecting to a regional talent pipeline, while simultaneously working to create a coordinated, equitable, and responsive workforce system.

Our Initiatives

CAREER AWARENESS & PREPARATION: Build a robust talent pipeline through early exposure
RECRUITING, HIRING, & ONBOARDING: Access talent from diverse, untapped sources to save on hiring
ADVANCEMENT & RETENTION: Ensure skills and qualification meet your business workforce needs
INFLUENCE & INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP: Connect with public and private leadership to ensure our region grows inclusively

There are many workforce activities that will help your business tap into a robust, local talent pipeline. Check out our menu of options to learn more.

Resources and Supporting Documents

Learn more about our work:
Puget Sound Region Higher Education Capacity Study –  Read about our key findings, and access the live data here
Industry Meetings – SRP conducted a series of employer meetings to capture hiring pain-points and propose recommendations to increase access to careers. Read what we've learned to date from the healthcaremanufacturing, and maritime industries. 
Industry Leadership Table Launch – Understand the Industry Champion commitment to see if it’s right for your business leadership.
Youth Employment – Learn more about the landscape of our opportunity youth in King County. 
Bias in Career Learning – A resource to promote career learning for women of color.

Stay Informed

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