Why Salespeople Fail... (and what you can do about it)- Sales Training

Posted: 06/25/2020, 12:27 PM
Company: Seattle Sales Consultants
Author: Geof Bowie

"Why Salespeople Fail" is the classic Sandler presentation on self awareness and establishing a playbook for your sales organization, no matter what size.

If you are frustrated by anemic sales results OR

Tired of 10% of your sales team doing 90% of the work OR

Losing margin to discounting then...

This 90 minutes will be a revelation to you and how to fix these and other problems.

All proceeds go to local Seattle charities and i personally GUARANTEE that you will get at minimum 10X return in value ($490) or I will happily return your ticket fees. (You have to stay and be engaged the entire time, fair?)