Tier4 Group’s Technology Advisory Partnership Program (TAPP)

Posted: 06/17/2020, 15:51 PM
Company: dvaDataStorage
Author: Dan Velando

Top Major CIO Challenges for 2020 and Beyond:

· Data Protection · Skills Gap · New Security Threats
· Multi-Cloud Security · Remote workforce
· Innovation and Digital Transformation

Is there an alternative CIO solution for businesses?

Yes! Tier4 Group’s Technology Advisory Partnership Program (TAPP)

What makes TAPP different

· TAPP provides trusted advice and strategic IT guidance from experienced and respected IT executives to help CIO’s or Heads of IT achieve on-point decision making
· TAPP is an affordable membership program geared toward helping IT and Business Leadership set the right strategies and make key decisions around all aspects of innovation, transformation, IT programs and key technology initiatives. 
· TAPP offers a designated IT executive advisor to each client you can reach out to, ask for guidance on specific technology and services providers, get advice on large scale IT programs, schedule meetings or workshops around your major initiatives.
· TAPP includes the CIO’s or Head of IT direct reports with each membership level

Next Step:

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