Technology Advisory Partnership Program

Posted: 07/29/2020, 17:26 PM
Company: dvaDataStorage
Author: danv526

Deciding between hiring a CIO or a TAPP membership?

Overall investment/considerations for hiring a CIO:
· Costs/time it takes to formulate the position
· Extensive planning for position
· Cost of head-hunting - 20-25% of person’s 1st. year salary in finding them/3-5 mo. to locate right person
· Cost of interim help - $225/$300 hour on average
· According to PayScale metrics, CIO annual salary in Seattle, WA is $176,000 - $195,000
· The cost of not bringing right person to oversee your systems can be much higher

Overall investment/considerations for a TAPP membership:
· Annual Cost – Silver $35,000, Gold - $45,000, Platinum - $55,000
· CIO Advisors Experience – Michael Long - 30 yrs. Julie Merriman – 25 yrs.
· Advisors will work with the CIO/IT leader and leadership team to standardize and consolidate technologies & platforms before transformation begins
· Programs provide a high ROI
· TAPP works with organizations to plan execution/provide oversight on major technology initiatives

Looking for cost savings while aligning business operations with corporate goals? TAPP can provide trusted expert advice. Get all your questions answered during a discussion.

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