Shift Happens; an executive briefing for sales leaders.

Posted: 06/25/2020, 12:27 PM
Company: Seattle Sales Consultants
Author: Geof Bowie

What are you going to do differently in 2020 to generate more sales and profits?

What do you need to change about your business to adapt?

If you aren’t actively asking yourself these questions…maybe you should. Questions like:

  • Our Account Base has shifted, how do we find and contact the right buyers?
  • Our Sales Cycle has shifted, how do we manage and shorten sales cycles?
  • Our Focus on Growth has shifted, how do we get more sales from new customers?
  • My Sales Team must shift into a higher level of performance, but how can I help them?

Join me to learn:

  • What Shifts we are seeing in the marketplace and the economy.
  • What Shifts our clients work on in 4 specific areas to grow sales results quickly.
  • What Shifts you can make to grow your top line revenue and bottom line profit.