Resource Strategies: Sharpen Your Vision and Strategy Seminars at Seattle Impact Hall

Posted: 02/18/2020, 09:44 AM
Company: Resource Strategies
Author: sheilas737

Time to ASPIRE

These days, customers, donors, employees – everyone – has new habits, tools, choices, and even values. Priorities and loyalties are dynamic.

We all feel the urgency to pay attention, but to what? Your answer needs time to percolate. 

Resilience Quiz

• Do you spend enough quality time thinking about the big picture as it is today and how it may evolve?
• How can you use management frameworks to align your strategic priorities with actions?
• What support would help you fine-tune your time management?

Who Should Attend
Mission-driven leaders in the roles of Executive Director, CEO, Board President, Director, and Manager who aspire to create a resilient future for themselves, stakeholders, and their enterprise, 
Bring one or more colleagues to co-create your work as we use frameworks to work with your big picture.

Vision and Strategy Planning Seminar Objectives
Vision and strategy seminars help mission-driven leaders create their forward-thinking enterprise.
• Put in quality time to focus on your vision and its big picture.
• Use frameworks to think wide on strategic questions and problem-solving.
• Gain tools to expand your thinking and leadership beyond the day to day.

ASPIRE Vision + Goals: Time, topics, and tools for resilience + innovation
Sharpen up your vision for your future where you thrive, innovate, and succeed.
• Sharpen up your vision in this hands-on workshop for mission-driven leaders.
• Envision your business eco-systems.
• Clarify your goals for getting there.

ASPIRE 2020 Foresight Strategy Planning
Strategy Concepts and Questions for Resilience and Results
• Bridge your sharp vision to strategy concepts and planning.
• Ask key questions to inform your action plans to reach your goals.
• Inform and refine your ecosystem maps.

What is your challenge today? Get grounded in what matters most.
Focus on your vision and the choices that get you there. Lead with agility and strategic foresight to power build your vision and thrive. Work with me 1:1, as a team, or in seminar.