Notes From the Studio( series): Renee Adams Reclaim, March 31

Posted: 03/19/2018, 09:08 AM
Company: Phylogeny Contemporary
Author: Lori Johns

Phylogeny Contemporary

2718 Elliott Avenue

Seattle, WA 98121 

(206) 485-7498

March 31, 2018 12:00- 2:00 p.m.

Renee Adams                                                   

Humanity’s imprint on nature is undeniable. Most scientists maintain we have now entered the Anthropocene, a term based on overwhelming global evidence that human activities are having a significant impact on all of the earth’s ecosystems. My work investigates the complicated relationship we have cultivated with the natural world, recognizing that our desire to control, covet, manage and exploit it has created a power struggle in which I believe nature will ultimately win. Through my work, I weave the historical relationship of human and planet with my environmental observations in an attempt to underscore our absolute reliance on the natural world while imagining new connections that might emerge.

My mixed media sculptures represent an artificial reality in which the wheels of evolution have surpassed the current day.  These works, within the context of natural selection, offer an escapist fairytale or a botanist’s fantasy where plants require little more than the trash of humankind to thrive. Lauding the resiliency and adaptability of life on earth, my works imagine a world in which plants are reclaiming their rightful home, adapting, evolving, and possibly even healing the woes of humankind.