Meet the Designer: Zeraffa, at Armoire, Oct. 3

Posted: 09/20/2019, 08:57 AM
Company: Armoire
Author: laura kipp

Zeraffa is a new womenswear line of topper coats founded by two women who have been friends for decades--Cel Davis and Kathy Gottlieb. Join us on Thursday, October 3rd and get a chance to meet the designers, and experience their beautiful line of coats through Armoire. 

The dynamic duo created Zeraffa because they saw a need for more garments that complemented a woman's ever-evolving body. Guided by their philosophy that beauty and elegance is found in every size and shape, their toppers were designed to take advantage of every woman's distinctive silhouette; to enhance rather than conceal. With that, Zeraffa was born. 

Armoire and Zeraffa share the concept of women supporting and encouraging women and, we are honored to be able to support them on their stylish journey.

 October 3rd, 5-7

505 1st Ave S suite 100

Seattle, WA