January is National Blood Donor Month

Posted: 01/11/2021, 09:28 AM
Company: Bloodworks Northwest
Author: Linda Lowry

Donating blood is a simple act that can mean so much to those in need. January is National Blood Donor Month, so what better time to make a donation and impact someone's life? That "someone" could be a loved one or a friend. It's the time of year when local blood supplies are dipping due to high patient demand. Don't wait until a person close to you needs blood, act now by giving at a Bloodworks Pop-up Donor Center near you. 

All donations are by appointment only. the one hour donation appointment is a safe and essential action to support local hospitals and patients. The Pop-up centers are being conducted in accordance with social distancing guidelines. No walk-ins, guests, or people under age 16 are permitted onsite. All donors are required to wear masks during their appointment. Bloodworks has posted information addressing questions and concerns for blood donors at bloodworksnw.org/coronavirus