Expedia Group needs your help to provide 12,000 meals in December

Posted: 12/07/2020, 12:02 PM
Company: Expedia Group
Author: Katherine Cheng

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Expedia Group offices, like other offices around the world, shut down. Unfortunately, this was right after we opened a beautiful new marketplace at our brand new campus down on Interbay. Since early March when our offices closed, our employees through our food vendor, Bon Appetit, have been paid their full salaries.  As you know all too well, travel has been hit one of the hardest but we wanted to see what we could do even while our business was suffering. Our Bon Appetit employees were anxious to do something too, so the other week, we tried an experiment of making full Thanksgiving meals to donate to two organizations, Mary’s Place, and the South Seattle Senior Center in the Rainier Valley. We were so pleased with how it turned out that we asked Bon Appetit to come up with a plan for the month of December, and beyond. While the labor continues to be paid for by Expedia Group, we need to pay for the food and supplies.

Each meal kit serves six people and costs $30 for the food and supplies. We currently have capacity to make 500 meal kits per week and are looking to this every week through December, and hopefully, beyond. We looked at the need from different organizations and realized that there is a need beyond December, particularly after the holidays, when we are out of the ‘season of giving’. We have reached out to four organizations that have a great need for these pre-cooked, packaged meal kits, consistently; YouthCare, Mary’s Place, YWCA, and Food Lifeline. We know that food banks have been overwhelmed and so many in need don’t have facilities to make meals on their own. And we also don’t want people to be forced to eat only non-perishable foods. We are trying to make diverse meals, as you can see below with the first week’s menu:

(250 meals at $30 per)
Chicken Tinga
Spanish rice  
Braised beans 
Corn tortillas 
Salsa rojo 
Cabbage salad with cilantro lime crema  
 (250 meals at $30 per)
Grilled Lamb Shawarma 
Persian rice 
Spiced lentils 
Carrot & raisin slaw 
Mint yogurt

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