Business Management certificate course

Posted: 07/09/2020, 11:00 AM
Company: Western Washington University
Author: James McCafferty

Business Management Certificate



Due to COVID-19 this course will not offer in-class sessions.  Sessions will be delivered live via Zoom and be available for later viewing.

The Business Management Certificate may be your path to a new job, a better job and more income.  Having the language of business and an understanding of the core principals can help you stand out from the crowd for promotions, interviews and more.

We designed our certificate with your busy schedule in mind. Work/life balance is important and through this program you can maintain that balance while also filling your professional toolbox.

This is a fast-paced intensive program designed to quickly immerse a busy professional, or current non-business focused student, in ten core areas of business management.

The course is flexible.  Delivered in our classroom or in your own, live or on-demand, in two 3-hour sessions per week for five weeks with up to two months to complete the course, this program can fit into your schedule.

World-class.  Unlike many programs that are offered in similar formats ours is led by senior Western faculty. This is the same expertise that leads graduate programs and upper division courses on campus.

Well rounded. In earning this certificate, you will be introduced to ten core business topics and provided the opportunity to understand the concepts and applicability.