AMR Ambulance offers screening services to aid in re-opening your business

Posted: 05/06/2020, 10:33 AM
Company: American Medical Response
Author: Amy Link

To our valued community partners,

Global Medical Response, the parent company for American Medical Response (AMR) Ambulance wants to help our local businesses during this difficult time.  AMR has a list of services we can offer based on Governor Inslee’s orders.  If you are a construction company that needs a COVID-19 Site Supervisor, a meat packing company that wants to monitor the health of their workers, a business that is starting to plan how to safely re-open when the time comes, or anything similar, AMR has the resources to help you. 

We can train your employees to do some of this or we can be there daily until things are running smoothly again.  We can even set up thermal imaging cameras to check the temperature of people as they enter your business.  We are here to help you and your employees.  You can decide what you need or pick from a list of services we have ready to go.

As the nation’s largest provider of ground and air ambulance services, we are accustomed to working around infectious diseases.  More importantly, we know how to keep our employees safe while they are in that environment. We have recently provided airport screening at SeaTac Airport, company screening and deployed local Paramedics and EMT’s to help with the pandemic across the country.  Rest assured, we are here to support your workforce’s confidence.

If you are interested, please call our national contact at 855-267-0911 or reach out to me locally at 253-405-7094.  We will set up a time to discuss your specific needs and the best way to help you be successful.

Good luck and stay healthy!

Tony Kuzma, Operations Manager