Our commitment to an inclusive region

By: Markham McIntyre Posted: 05/29/2020

Let’s use the platform we have as employers to build a community that is stronger, more equitable, and more resilient than before

This week, we have seen incidents across our country that demonstrate yet again the disparity in how we treat the lives, safety, and security of African-Americans. We are also dismayed and angered by reports of increased hate speech and hate-motivated violence against the Asian community here in the Seattle metro region.

We condemn these acts in the strongest possible terms. Threats and acts of violence against our friends, families, neighbors, classmates, and colleagues stand in direct opposition to our core values as a region. Our region is strong because we are welcoming, and we refuse to allow hate to go unchallenged.

We know the consequences of looking the other way. Stains on our region’s history, such as forced relocation and internment of Japanese-Americans, violence brought upon places of worship, and racism in housing and employment still linger. Even today, we know that a child’s educational and economic opportunity is too-often determined by their ZIP code and the color of their skin. And we are always mindful that our region is built on traditional Duwamish and Suquamish land.

Our region’s vibrant culture and innovative economy are built upon principles of inclusivity.

As pioneers in aviation we shortened the distance between continents; as a hub of life sciences, information technology, and international trade, we’ve coalesced global talent to make global changes in the way people heal, do business, and connect with one another. Our universities are leaders in innovation because of their work to bridge cultural, economic, and geographic divides. Our creative scene is fueled by making space for under-told stories.

Our history is also rich with community activism, from the pioneering work and sacrifice of the Gang of Four to the present-day leadership on equity and justice. We are proud to partner with many organizations in our community to promote economic empowerment and equity for communities of color.

We live in uncertain times, but our commitment to an inclusive region, one that is free of violence, hate speech, and discrimination, will not waver. We are proud to call this place our home.

Our business community set an incredible example in working together to slow the spread of the virus. Let’s apply that same spirit to supporting our communities of color and using the platform we have as employers to build a community that is stronger, more equitable, and more resilient than before.