Public Officials Reception

Celebrate the holiday season with your public officials and regional leaders

Public Officials Reception (Featured Photos)
  • About
    Our annual Public Officials Reception brings more than 400 business, government, and civic leaders to connect and celebrate the holiday season. With live music in a festive atmosphere, this unstructured reception allows you to mix and mingle with public officials and fellow leaders as we celebrate the progress made over the past year.
  • Why attend

    Why attend? You will:

    1. Get exclusive members-only access to public officials and business leaders from around our region and state
    2. Celebrate the holidays with old friends and new
    3. Enjoy an unstructured format that allows you to network at your own pace
  • Who attends

    The Public Officials Reception brings together:

    • Your elected Councilmembers, County Executives, Congressional Delegates, Senators, Mayors
    • Business leaders from government affairs staff to CEOs and Executives
    • Civic leaders from across our region and state
  • What past attendees have to say
    We'd love to hear what past attendees have to say. Feel free to email us with your feedback!
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Learn more, contact:
Aarti Khanna at (206) 389-7244
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Sign up as an event sponsor. Contact Hannah Holman at (206) 389-7216. 

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