Industry Specific Advocacy

The Seattle metropolitan area hosts one of the most diverse economies in the country, with a number of established and emerging industry clusters driving regional growth and job creation. The Chamber plays a vital role in supporting and nurturing the key industry clusters integral to the Seattle metropolitan region's economy through sector-specific programs, services and advocacy on issues impacting their ability to do business at the local, state and federal levels.

Learn more about our industry sectors:

  1. Aerospace Aerospace Sector PDF
  2. Agriculture
  3. Business Services
  4. Community Service Organizations
  5. Construction and Real Estate Aerospace Sector PDF
  6. Healthcare Aerospace Sector PDF
  7. Manufacturing Aerospace Sector PDF
  8. Media
  9. Retail Aerospace Sector PDF
  10. Technology Aerospace Sector PDF
  11. Tourism Aerospace Sector PDF
  12. Transportation Aerospace Sector PDF
  13. Wholesaling

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