Gender Equity

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Achieving gender equity is essential to the Seattle Metro Chamber’s vision of a globally competitive region where businesses can flourish and everyone has access to a thriving quality of life. When women participate in the workplace equally, 100% of our local talent is empowered to innovate and grow business—and billions of dollars are put to work in the economy.

You can join our work on gender equity through our Women in Business and Leadership Initiative (WIBLI), which focuses on how individuals can create change for themselves and their communities around gender equity issues and facilitates connections with other professionals who are passionate about taking action.

The Chamber also co-launched 100% Talent, an initiative now housed at Women’s Funding Alliance. 100% Talent is a voluntary effort to engage regional employers in highlighting best practices for the workplace and learn from one another in effectively tackling the gender wage gap. We are proud to continue our involvement in this initiative as a founding signatory.

Through these programs, we have worked to build a community of employers and individuals committed to expanding opportunities for women to grow and succeed by:

  • Showing why gender equity is an economic imperative. Our region has a long way to go: today, in King County, full-time working women make just 76 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts.
  • Shining a light on success stories. We inspire our community by celebrating employers and people who move the needle.
  • Equipping employers and individuals to take action. We highlight best practices and bring in subject matter experts so that participants get tangible tools they can apply as individuals and in the workplace.
  • Facilitating connections so that employers and individuals can continue learning from each other at events such as our WIBLI Symposiums, “21” Lunches, and the annual WIBLI Awards.

For more information about WIBLI programs, please contact Terrence Woodson, Events and Programs Manager at the Chamber.

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For more information about WIBLI, please contact Terrence Woodson, the Chamber’s Events and Programs Manager.

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