Carefully evaluating a new tax proposal for King County

By: Editorial Staff Posted: 02/10/2020

Chamber seeks to balance urgency with our responsibility to listen to and advocate for our members

House Bill 2907, which would allow King County to impose a payroll tax on businesses located within the county, is moving quickly through the legislature. The House Finance Committee held a public hearing on the bill on February 4, and voted to advance the bill to the Rules Committee, which will decide if and when the full House takes a vote on the proposal. The bill has until February 19 to clear the House of Representatives. The Senate introduced its version of the same bill, SB 6669, last week.

This is a significant and complex proposal. As such, our member-led Policy Leadership Group is carefully evaluating this proposal and meeting to discuss a position recommendation this week. Before we take a position, we want to have a clear understanding about how the proposal would impact different industries, employers of different sizes and structures, and the general business climate in King County.

That is why we submitted a letter to the House Finance Committee with a series of questions our members have about how this proposal would impact businesses in King County. Based on testimony from public officials and King County employers on Tuesday morning, we know that we are not the only ones looking for more clarity around some key parts of the bill, including who it impacts and what it would mean for cities within King County.

We understand the urgency leading to this proposal – over 12,000 people are living unsheltered in our community and the City of Seattle and King County are asking for more resources to help address that vexing issue.

We are balancing that urgency with our responsibility to listen to and advocate for our members.

If you would like more information about the proposal or our process to reach a position, please reach out to Dominick Martin, our vice president of external relations.