Small and Mighty: Programs tailored to small and mid-sized businesses

By: Corinne Lumens Posted: 02/25/2019

Connect with us at our next Elevate NW Series: How to Succeed in a Growing City and our 2019 Elevate NW Conference

Did you know that 80 percent of Chamber members have fewer than 100 employees, and one-third are microbusinesses with fewer than 10 employees? 

If you fall in this category, check out our Elevate NW Conference and our Elevate NW Series, which are dedicated to the growth and success of small businesses in the Seattle metro region. From solopreneurs to companies that employ tens of thousands of people, we all play a role in building relationships that create an environment where small- to mid-sized businesses can continue to flourish and innovate.

At our Elevate NW events, you will:

  1. Connect with peers from a variety of industries with structured and casual networking
  2. Learn from small businesses in our region that are changing the game
  3. Dig in to real-life examples of business success in roundtable discussions with industry and community leaders
  4. Hear from local leaders who have guided their companies to success and gain insight into developing mutually beneficial relationships with companies of all sizes
Here's how you can engage this season:

3765Join us for our next Elevate NW Series: How to Succeed in a Growing City, Mar. 7
How do small businesses keep pace with the challenges and opportunities of a growing city? Join us to find out as we hear from three long-standing small businesses on changes and trends they’ve seen in Seattle and how they’ve managed to stay successful as our region develops. Learn how these fellow businesses tackle issues like increasing rent, an expanding workforce, competition with larger companies, and a changing marketplace. This event is free and includes sips and snacks, networking, and activities in a fun and relaxed environment.


3510Join us for the 2nd annual Elevate NW Conference, Apr. 30
The Seattle region is experiencing unprecedented economic success. But how do we leverage this so small and mid-size businesses can participate and benefit? How can these businesses that play an integral part in our communities thrive in this environment?