A welcome change in leadership

By: Kathryn Robertson Posted: 11/09/2017

Election speaks to frustration with status quo approach, especially in regard to our homelessness crisis


Throughout this election, the Seattle Metro Chamber and our political arm, CASE, spoke out strongly for the need for real leadership at City Hall to address our city’s toughest challenges—including housing affordability and ensuring Seattle remains a place where businesses and workers can thrive together. And we were proud to see voters agree. 

Mayor-elect Jenny Durkan is the leader we need, and we congratulate her on her well-deserved victory.

The incredible support from the business community was essential to successfully communicating with voters about the positive change that Mayor-elect Durkan will bring. This election cycle, CASE raised over $1 million, an unprecedented level of involvement from the business community. This commitment made it possible to reach voters directly—and consistently—through TV, digital, mail, and phone calls. More coverage of our role in this election appeared Wednesday in the Seattle Times and the Stranger.

This election speaks to a larger frustration with the way things are going at Seattle City Council, especially in regard to addressing our homelessness crisis.  It is clear that the status quo is not working, and the problem is getting worse. The Council’s latest attempt to pass a short-sighted proposal for a new tax on jobs is a distraction from real, comprehensive solutions around homelessness.

We can do better, and we need your voice.


Please join us today in urging the Seattle City Council to stop going back to old tactics, using our convenient letter writing tool. This is not a matter of resources. It’s about the political will to move forward with policies that been proven to get people into permanent, stable housing.