100% Talent Seattle

In 2013, women in King County who worked full time year-round earned just 76 cents for every dollar earned by men. If we continue with business as usual, women in our region won't earn the same as men until 2071.*

King County leads the way in opportunity and innovation. Even as we are held up as an economic model for the rest of the country, we face a serious challenge within our labor force – one that conflicts with our deeply held local values of inclusion and fairness. Our gender wage gap is one of the largest in the country and has direct consequences for the King County labor market, our regional economy and our quality of life.

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Funding Alliance have joined forces in response to this local challenge by launching a voluntary, employer-led gender equity initiative. We call this solution-based five-year initiative: 100% Talent.

Working together, we can create a more inclusive economy and vibrant King County for all:

  • Let’s expand the use of best-practice solutions.
  • Let’s shine a positive light on businesses tackling the gender wage gap effectively.
  • Let’s get ahead of one-size-fits-all directives by being proactive.

We invite you to join us in pursuing 100% Talent. Recognizing the value of women in the workplace is good business.

* Source: Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR)

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Learn more:

  1. Visit the 100% Talent Seattle
  2. Contact Director of Gender Equity Initiatives, 100% Talent, Emma Mayberry

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