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Statement of Seattle Metro Chamber President & CEO Maud Daudon: Amazon HQ announcement should serve as “wake up call” for region

City, stakeholders must work to keep large employers like Amazon in the region, or we are at risk of losing the prosperity we’ve gained

“Today’s announcement from Amazon should come as no surprise, as the City has continued to implement policies that create an environment that is at best unfriendly, and at worst, outright hostile toward the needs of our largest employers.

“The Seattle Metro Chamber has long said that many of these policies will put our region at risk of losing the prosperity we’ve gained. We are so fortunate to have world-class homegrown companies like Amazon here in our region, and we want to do everything in our power to keep them here and help them grow here—whether that means here in Seattle or elsewhere in our region.

“It is my sincere hope that today’s announcement will serve as a wake-up call for our region to put aside our differences and unite around efforts to remain competitive to employers like Amazon. This means intentionally improving our overall business climate, and changing attitudes about the amazing employers and access to jobs we are fortunate to have here. 

“Our region is starting to make the necessary investments to address problems like housing affordability and transportation, and refocusing our efforts to educate and train the people who live here to create a robust and ready workforce to meet the needs of our employers. As a region, we have the resources and the smarts we need to make profound change.

“Now, we need to come together around a clear and united vision to lift our region to a level where we can compete for business on a global scale, and keep companies, including Amazon, growing here.”

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