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Seattle Metro Chamber applauds Mayor’s outcome-focused human services legislation

Bill mandates all expenditures by Human Services Department utilize outcome-based contracting, identify specific, measurable outcomes and track effectiveness

“I applaud Mayor Tim Burgess for taking this critical step to ensure accountability. This commitment to outcomes-based contracting includes the City’s investments to help those in crisis move into permanent, stable housing,” said Seattle Metropolitan Chamber President and CEO Maud Daudon.

She added, “The reports done for our region last year, and the larger Pathways Home plan, stress this need for outcome-based contracting, and this legislation will ensure the City is continuing its work toward full implementation of Pathways Home.”  

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce has advocated for this policy at the city and county levels, a key tenet of a larger statement of principles adopted by the Chamber last year, calling on the County and City to strategically align their systems to: 

  • Develop and invest in a person-centered crisis response system, giving highest priority to the health and safety of families with small children first, and then those who have the longest histories of homelessness and the greatest barriers to housing stability.
  • Focus on data, carefully measuring which services are actually moving people from the street and into housing.
  • Contract for performance, requiring organizations who receive taxpayer dollars to achieve measurable outcomes.
  • Embrace the “housing first” philosophy, which moves people into housing quickly and without barriers to entry, while protecting the most vulnerable.
  • Guarantee that any additional system funding is based on transitional need or on the provision of direct treatment services, and would only be supported after careful review of how existing funding would be budgeted.

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