Events From The 1980s

Cruise Ship Business
"Since 1840 passengers have been making the nautical pilgrimage to Alaska. They still are, in ever-increasing numbers," stated the Chamber's Annual Report in 1987-88. The Chamber promoted Seattle as the homeport for passenger ships, largely as a way of tapping into the estimated $5 to $10 million in economic impacts generated by one single ship during a typical summer.

"The Most Memorable Moment"
1-90-tempWriting about the 1982-83 program year, when the Chamber celebrated its 100th anniversary, Chamber President Bob Graham described his most memorable moment as Governor Spellman's signing of the Advanced Construction Interstate bill. Graham explained that the "new funding will at last allow the completion of I-90 and the entire interstate system during the next 10 years." I-90 had been a Chamber objective since it was first proposed in 1957. The Chamber's Committee for Balanced Regional Transportation was instrumental in securing passage of the bill. The Chamber continued monitoring I-90's completion, instituting annual tours in 1983 to provide a firsthand view of the progress. Another important moment noted by Graham was the legislature's approval of HB 1015 authorizing the development of the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in downtown Seattle. The center was completed in 1988.

Benchmarking our region In 1982, the Chamber sponsored its first Intercity Study Mission to Baltimore. Since then, the study missions have provided regional leaders with unique opportunities to examine best practices of other regions. They've also been invaluable for building and strengthening relationships between business leaders, public officials, and community leaders. Cities visited include Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston, Research Triangle, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Also, in 1983-84, the Chamber worked with the United Way of King County to guide Leadership Tomorrow through a successful inaugural year; 48 students were in the first class. Today, Leadership Tomorrow has alumni network of more than 1,500 community leaders.

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