Sponsored by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, CASE is a political action committee that recruits, evaluates and supports political candidates based on their commitment to job creation, economic development and regional competitiveness. CASE is the business community’s voice in local elections, representing over 350 local employers.  By getting involved, you send a message to elected officials and potential candidates about the importance of job creation and the economy.

In 2015, CASE is solely focused on Seattle City Council races, because the switch to district elections for Seattle City Council is an unprecedented opportunity to help us build the city we want to become.  

Endorsed candidates to date are listed below. CASE did not make endorsements in all races and may weigh in later with further endorsements. 

2015 Seattle City Council Endorsements:

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By supporting CASE Campaigns, you send an important message to political candidates and elected officials. That message is job creation and economic growth are vitally important to employers and as such, we will support policies and candidates who will help create jobs and grow the economy.

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